Broccoli as delicious as cookies!

Some months ago, when we were learning how to be a little more active on Facebook for our humble shop, we came across this article - and of course we shared it with our followers. We bookmarked it, and it's refreshing to come back to it again.

The article talks about ‘First Bite,’ a book by Bee Wilson, who proves through experiments and case studies, that children and grownups can indeed learn to eat differently, and that our palates are malleable!

When our children were young, we like most parents, were really focused on developing their palates so that they were trying a broad range of fresh healthy choices. We would make up small plates and encouraged them to try as many things as was on offer. Meat was also often paired as a side dish in our meals rather than as a main feature. They never had to eat everything on the plate, but gradually the list of food items that they enjoyed grew. Perhaps in teaching them to eat in such a way, we as parents naturally committed to eating better ourselves!

The key to lasting dietary change, according to Wilson, is “a hedonic shift” in attitudes toward food—a reorienting of our palates that would render broccoli at least as delicious as cookies. “When our preferences are in order,” she argues, “nutrition should take care of itself.”

We chose to eat organic produce because we preferred the taste. And we still do! Reducing the amount of pesticides that we exposed ourselves to was another reason, and knowing that organic farms guarantee a standard of ethical production, are also definitely reasons to keep us convinced.

Better yet, the trick to learning to love cruciferous greens turns out to be relatively simple: repeated, positive exposure to broccoli and its cousins.

It is that simple, isn’t it? And it certainly helps a great deal when the super fresh organic broccoli that hasn’t had to travel far to our little shop tastes so good even on its own!

But we know that it isn’t always that easy - some days can be such a mad rush that it’s hard to find time to do a decent shop to stock up the fridge, or exhaustion kicks in and there’s just no energy left to cook ourselves a meal. I know I appreciate a little nudge every now and then - and this week, I’ve decided to ask a few people what some of their favourite broccoli recipes are for you to enjoy!

What is your favourite broccoli recipe?


Breakfast veggie bowl by Jamie
Servings: 2

½ carrot
½ broccoli
Handful of round beans
½ zucchini
¼ cauliflower
Olive oil or butter
Squeeze of lemon
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp Toasted pinenuts

Chop vegetables to chunks
Steam for 6 minutes and strain
Dress with olive oil or butter, lemon and salt and pepper
Top with pine nuts
*Optional toppings and condiments: hard-boiled eggs, sauerkraut, pickles/chutney, smoked tofu*