Growing up, I have always loved ice cream. I also love to see the smile on children’s face when they are having ice cream. I knew that I wanted to do something that makes people happy. Living in Melbourne, and as a coffee lover, something that Italians also love, I developed a curiosity for Gelato - Ice Cream but with less fat -it was perfect!

I never thought I could try running my own business until I was made redundant from my corporate job as an engineer. And of course, as with my dreams, in 2012, The Rolling Scoops gelato was born.

At The Rolling Scoops, we choose to use all natural ingredients and Organic Milk as we believe in giving out customers the best product possible. We do not put additional flavourings, colourings, or preservatives into our products. We also choose to be artisanal, which means our products are carefully handmade from scratch in small batches instead of bulk production.

We try our best to source our ingredients locally when we can, but are also open to being creative - letting various cultures influence our flavours, and also drawing on our own Indonesian heritage. This has resulted in flavours ranging from the standard Pistachio or Chocolate, to the ever popular Durian, and Es Puter sorbet. We also take customised flavour requests!



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Jamie Lewis