No Grainer started because we wanted to create products that we two sisters could eat! With intolerances that affected our health since childhood, we hope that our products make life a little easier for other people out there who share the same dietary burden.

The decision to severely limit and eventually cut out grains was a long drawn out battle for both of us. Years of antibiotic use, sugar addiction, and too much gluten, meant that we had destroyed our precious gut bacteria. We both had our share of issues - for Jo, it was causing chronic acne from the age of 11. For Sally, it was the autoimmune disease, Type 1 Diabetes.

Even though our bodies were sending us some pretty strong signals, we still had no idea of the link between damaged gut flora and autoimmune disease. So we kept up our unhealthy love affair with gluten, even though our bodies were clearly intolerant of it!

Going gluten free was a light bulb moment - that treacherous gluten was behind our acne all along! The change in our skin was nothing short of miraculous, but there were still big issues for both of us with going gluten free. For Sally, it was spiking blood sugars, particularly from gluten free bread. The problem with most gluten free bread is the high amount of starch and refined grain flours they contain, which is a diabetics worst nightmare. Both of us were also still suffering from bloating, indigestion, and heartburn when we ate most grains so our bodies were basically shouting at us to stop.

Our wonderful GP at the time encouraged us to go grain-free. Whilst this was a great decision healthwise for both of us, there was one huge problem - WE MISSED BREAD!


It's taken hundreds of hours of experimentation in the kitchen, we've gone through about 200 kilos of almond flour, and have had more failed experiments than we'd care to say, but we finally created a grain free bread that we absolutely loved and that we wanted to share with all the other people out there who might be suffering in the same way we were. The best thing for Sally as a Type 1 Diabetic is that our savoury breads are super low-carbohydrate and have minimal effect on her blood sugars.

So here we are - turning our intolerances into an opportunity that allows us to work together on something we are truly passionate about. We love being a part of the Melbourne food scene and know that we are blessed to live in a city that encourages and supports small food producers.

Jo & Sally


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Jamie Lewis