Damona Divine Cow Dairy Free Cheeses started in Melbourne out of a love for food, and as a response to the growing demand for quality dairy free and vegan cheese. As a vegetarian and working as a vegan cook at that time, I was experimenting with creating vegan cheeses for home and work. Soon it was clear that the products tasted better and had better ingredients than anything similar you could buy here in Australia. The idea of turning it into a business slowly developed. From the start in the kitchen at home, to hiring the CERES community kitchen, to setting up our own tiny factory in Fawkner, all the products are made by hand, using organic and local products where possible. We are driven by a love for food, and creating and developing quality products that are equally, if not more delicious than dairy cheese. The world is changing into a more compassionate and conscious place, and we want to be part of and contribute to that change in our own small way.

Martin Soerensen

Full product and ingredient list here.

Jamie Lewis