The Hilton for chooks!

In the last couple of years, the number of Australians opting for free-range eggs have steadily increased. But is what we buy really free-range?

Consumer advocacy group, CHOICE is picking up the fight to demand a national standard be developed, and to set clear rules for which eggs can claim to be free range and which can’t.

Our guide is based on self-declarations of maximum outdoor stocking density, provided to us either directly by the egg producers or via claims on their packaging and advertising material. Our interpretation of the CSIRO Model Code is that ‘free range’ means that egg producers have a maximum outdoor stocking density of 1500 birds per hectare, but we acknowledge that this is just one element of a range of factors that best represent consumers’ expectations of genuine free range. Our assessment of egg producers is based on our interpretation of the Model Code.

As part of their campaign, they have also developed Cluckar, an app that helps you choose which free range eggs to buy and what to avoid on the spot! And according to them, the Bullfrog Gully farm is akin to the Hilton for chooks!


Based in Gormandale, Victoria, Bullfrog Gully is a certified 'Demeter' Biodynamic farm producing free range eggs from a rotational pasture based system. The farm uses a rotating pasture system with mobile chicken caravans, is inspected once a year and must stock according to grass availability - prioritising chicken welfare and space, and egg nutrition and quality.

Now that’s a farm we can get behind of!