It's we who build community.

Being within the Preston Market is to be in the thick of community, and we love it. The people and their stories are diverse, changing, and engaging. For that, it is no surprise that we have always enjoyed being involved in community initiatives.

When my youngest was born and I had time at home, I decided to participate in Sustainability St. A community run program for locals to support and encourage each other to explore sustainability issues, our neighbourhood organised street parades, information sharing sessions on solar panels and water tanks, and a neighbourhood email list for food sharing and communications.

The shop is another great platform to support community organisations and the great work they do. Reading Business as Usual by Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop) in my early 20s was insightful, and the ideas around doing business outside the square have really stayed with me, and continue to inform the way we do business here at Rhubarb Rhubarb Organics.

While we champion sustainably grown, locally sourced, organic produce, we are equally concerned about food waste. Second Bite is an organisation we love working with. They pick up our surplus stock at the end of the market week, and redistribute them to community food programs that support people who need the produce the most.

One of the groups that Second Bite distributes to is Open Table. Using surplus produce, they host free community feasts in various Melbourne neighbourhoods - enabling a space to rethink food waste while connecting with someone you may never usually speak to.

Supporting small and startup food companies like Rolling Scoops ice cream and Judy’s Organics is an important part of our approach at the shop. They share our principles of organic, sustainable, and delicious! Now, that’s a partnership!

All of these are why your support for us means so much - because it enables us to continue to support these communities, organisations, and businesses who share our vision.

These days, you can also see the kids helping out at the shop - our organic apprentices as we like to call it. One can only hope that they would continue to join us in our strive for a more environmentally sustainable, healthier, and kind world.


Jamie Lewis