Celebrating small businesses

This month, we celebrated our first year of being in the new shop space, and 17 years of Rhubarb Rhubarb Organics! Amidst the daily hustle of running a small business, we took some time out to take stock - not literally, we do that every month! - and reflect on our goals when we started out, and our goals today.

And one thing that has stayed true is how we value the personal and the local in our shop - focused on building a community that supports our family, which also becomes a part of our family. That is why we consciously support other small business owners and enterprises. More often than not, these enterprises build their businesses upon values and reasons that we too can stand behind of.

For the next month, we will be featuring some of these stories behind the familiar brands and products on our shelves! Starting with...

Rejuved Nation is a company on a mission to help people take small steps towards being happier and healthier. It was born as a fusion between 2 of my passions, health food and mental health. As a child I suffered depression and invested heavily in personal development to help me find my place in the world. In my early 20s I got a rare bacteria which caused blood poisoning and put me in a coma with a slim chance of survival.

In the years to follow I learned the meaning of food is medicine and the mind body connection and want to share that message.

So with Rejuved Nation, what we’ve got is a range of mindfulness products where we combine superfoods and gratitude in easy to use and familiar manners. Made using organic ingredients with no added sugar, preservatives, or chemicals, we create superfood lattes (named Seeya Latte) and teas, each of which has a health benefit in mind which we pair with a gratitude or mindfulness exercise designed to give people 5 minute ritual to reset mind and body.

Anthony Khoury

View their range of products on their website.

Jamie Lewis