What's in my basket?


We continue on our journey of looking at what our beautiful staff fill their baskets with! Lily recommends a textured range of treats.

Sour cherry and vanilla Pana Chocolate
I absolutely love this flavour of Pana, the sweetness from the coconut nectar goes so well with the tartness from the sour cherries. It’s vegan, raw, gluten free, refined sugar free and soy free, so it’s perfect for all chocolate lovers.

Edamame and mung bean fettuccine 
This pasta is made using just two ingredients- edamame and mung beans. So it’s great for anyone who is looking for some extra nutrition, as it contains 40% protein and 20% fibre. 

Boulder red wine vinegar potato chips
The yummiest chips I have ever eaten!!! Love them so much ❤️

Oranges & Green kale
I make a green juice every morning, so kale and oranges are a must have!!

Dutch carrots 
Dutch carrots make the perfect healthy snack. I either have them by themselves or with some chilli hummus.

Biologika lavender deodorant
This deodorant is so gentle thanks to the aloe vera and chamomile, plus the lavender and ylang ylang essential oil smells beautiful!!

Jamie Lewis