What's in my basket?


This month, we look at what our beautiful staff fill their baskets with! Eve recommends a range of household and personal care products, and a newly-discovered snack!

Abode Laundry Liquid
I feel so comforted knowing that I'm washing my clothes with natural ingredients. The wild lavender and mint scent in this range is so beautiful and makes even the most monotonous household jobs fun!

Hemp Shampoo Bar
I love that this handmade shampoo bar only has 8 natural ingredients. My hair has been so happy and shiny since I started using it. Most importantly it is plastic free!

Bonsoy Milk
Bonsoy is a staple in my diet. I love you Bonsoy ❤️

Rea's Reusable Bags
So important to be conscious of the amount of plastic I use. I love the variety of colours that is in this range.

Tallyho Farm Tempeh
This tempeh is unlike any other tempeh I have eaten. It's bio-dynamic and already seasoned! I love frying it up and serving it with roast vegetable and buckwheat.

DJ & A Shiitake Mushroom Crips
I tried these for the first time the other week and I'm obsessed. I would say they're life changing.


Jamie Lewis